Why Opiate Free America?

We are a advocacy group that helps any and all military personnel, active or retired, in finding a non-opiate solution for pain. Opiates for pain as we know, help but also create an addictive solution which is not whats needed for us or our loved one's.

Today the easiest solution for a doctor is to write a Rx for a pill or pills, that may and will help short term but long term it's very addictive and even deadly. With the help of new technologies in transdermal compounds, doctors can help elevate many symptoms without giving or even minimizing opiates for a solution with a topical pain cream.

Benefits of Pain Creams

  • Delivers relief directly to the site of pain.

  • Minimizes absorption into the blood stream.

  • Reduces Systemic issues such as GI discomfort.

  • Combines the Benefits of multiple FDA approved medication to treat your pain.

  • Physicians can prescribe a formula customized to your specific needs.

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Your information is being qualified by a clinician and we look forward to assisting you through our Topical Pain Cream program. Through partnerships with pharmacy's around the country our program has the ability to reach almost all states.

You will be receiving a phone call from our partner E Clinic MD to schedule your 15 minute video consultation so that we can get your Rx Topical Pain Solution to your door within the next 24-72 hours.

Thanks again and look forward to meeting your needs.

David Philips
Client Service Manager
Opiate Free America

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